Anonymous asked: how did you get a spread in Young Star and in Chalk? I really admire your works!

Hi there anon! Thank you so much! I was referred to by a friend to illustrate for Young Star and Chalk! :)



Meet our recent summer interns. :) Yey! They’re really awesome.

Mika Bacani
UP College of Fine Arts

If there’s anything Plus63 can do better than design, I’d say it’s definitely sharing the good vibes — whether it was a slow afternoon at the studio or a busy one for us interns, it’s guaranteed that there will always be a thing or two to laugh about at the end of the day. There was a lot to learn from the brainstorming sessions and lectures too, our copywriting exercise easily being the most memorable for all the singing we had to do! I personally enjoyed our silkscreening session and helping out with the studio’s photo shoot (the chocolates from Risa were a big bonus), plus being able to crash the Adobo Design Awards. Hands down the best summer ever!

Krizia Lim
Behance Folio
Info Design, Ateneo De Manila University

I didn’t really think of interning at Plus63 at first, but when the idea finally hit me I went for it kasi wala lang, for the sake of experience; and I can say interning at Plus63 this summer was one of the best decisions I made EVER. 

I’ve never interned before so I had no idea whatsoever on how it works, I only assumed it was going to be just like work minus the part where I get paid. Haha. Nonetheless, I got exposed to a lot of things while interning at Plus63 this summer: going to places, trying out new things like silkscreen printing, learning things like Illustrator and how to create my own branding which I’m seriously considering to improve on these days. 

To be honest, I think this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because it helped me focus on what I really wanted to do in life, or at least when I graduate. The schedule is really chill lang, and the work hours don’t demand a lot which makes it all the more enjoyable, like I was really in it to experience fun than to work. To add, Dan and the entire Plus63 team are super friendly and approachable, first day pa lang I felt really welcomed already, and I’m sure Isai and Mika felt the same too, haha. They also helped us a lot with our portfolio during our review, which really is a plus for me because it gave me a fresh perspective on how to critique my stuff without bias whatsoever. We were even taught how to do copywriting, which became a challenge for me because we had to sing but it was all good; I’d remember it as a good experience rather than an embarrassing one, haha!

One of the things I learned from the internship that I hold dear is Dan’s general advice on developing a style, that it’s good to experiment with different styles rather than to stick to the one I already know; it’s good to stay out of our comfort zones so we can make more room for improvement because as a matter of fact, we never stop learning even after we graduate. If I could intern again at Plus63, I definitely would!

Isai Araneta
Behance Folio
Info Design, Ateneo De Manila University

My internship with Plus 63 felt more like a mentorship, to be honest. Every day at the studio was super fun because they always tried to put design and good vibes together in our “work” environment. The studio was filled with interesting knick knacks on every wall and surface, and even had an Xbox we could use during our free time. It’s also pretty cool that no one wanted to be called “sir” or “maam” because my mentors acted like we’ve been friends for the longest time. It’s funny how I still get kilig knowing I’ve learned so much from my idols (Hi Dan and Kitkat!) and met more inspiring people (Hi Berns, Jo and Dang!) who share the same passion I have for all things wonderfully creative. It was never really boring working there because sometimes we’d have impromptu field trips to places like that hole-in-the-wall coffee shop called Craft, or that awesome wings place at the Collective, and even to more formal events like the Adobo Design Awards. With them, I learned that work and play could mean the same thing if you love what you do.

During the internship, I didn’t really expect that I’d be focusing more on my growth as a designer instead of arguing with myself about what fonts to use for a client’s website or worrying about whether I would shame Plus 63’s name. I got used to working for other people that I forgot about my personal projects, so being surrounded by other artists made me want to create more work for myself. I guess this was much better than just staying at home all day waiting for inspiration to come while eating pasta and watching movies. Not implying that this isn’t fun (I do this all the time), but it was exactly the push I needed. I’m sad I don’t work for them as a designer, but I’m thankful that at least I got to experience being part of the Plus 63 family. I’m also glad knowing that I made friends with such interesting people, and though I’m technically not an intern any more, I’m always welcome to just hang out and share some of the good vibes once in a while.

I’ve been meaning to blog about my experience at Plus63 this summer but this will have to do for now. :’) Greatest experience this summer!

Anonymous asked: Hi Krizia! Curious questions, how did you become a part of the design team for Orsem 2013? And how long was your internship in Plus63? (hindi ako creepy stalker ah :( I just really like your works!) And what's your process for the map that you did, (like did you sketch it out first then color it)? I really liked it because it's soo cute! It's the most un-boring world map ever!

Hello anon! Don’t worry, not a stalker at all, but feel free to come off anon so we can talk if you like! :D

For OrSem, I think I was asked if I wanted to help out with the DnP team? I forgot, but there definitely wasn’t an audition process. I think it’s a matter of connections because my blockmate Jan was design* head so he knew where to recruit people. :)

I’ve been meaning to blog about my internship but I never got around it =)) But anyway, it took about a month, counting the weeks we were at the office. We even extended for a week, but I think the internship duration isn’t fixed. It just so happened to be more or less a month because one of our fellow interns Mika needed the required hours for her OJT and a month pretty much covered it. :D 

For the map, I wasn’t well versed with Illustrator at the time so it was completely made in Photoshop. I started with a reference world map and  roughly outlined it with the pen tool, then painstakingly pen tooled everything on it =))) I didn’t start out with a sketch, I probably should have but it was all in my head. :)) From there I just overlaid a bunch of pretty looking textures, gradients and splatter brushes to add its finish. :)

The map may be un-boring but it’s also highly inaccurate HAHA. But thank you so much anon!! I’m really glad you liked it :”> hihi. 

macoygarcia asked: Hello there. I just saw your behance portfolio and I may say that those WERE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Keep it up and take care! ;)

Oh wow, thank you so much! :”“>

junemonsters asked: Hi Kriziaaaa! Heehee wala lang :))

Yeyy!!! Hi Mika!! :)) hihi so ayun stinalk lang naman kita kaya kita nahanap HAHA =))

Anonymous asked: Hi! I read your entry about your 1st day at Plus63 and I have a question...heehee...what does 'research work' mean? And how do you do research work? Thanks! Aaand I love love love the map that you did! :)

Hi there! And thanks, glad you love love love it! Haha. :D

Research work like literally going through the internet to look for stuff. :)) Because Plus63 has these “design co.missions” where they try to solve Philippine-based problems by working with the government, (something along those lines) so there’s a lot of research work to do. There’s also research work on actual design work like for branding, brainstorming, etc. But it doesn’t necessarily mean written research work like what we do in school haha. :))

As interns we don’t actually do the projects but help do them. We do other stuff too, and they teach us how to use Illustrator, InDesign, how to do copyright, etc etc. We go on surprise and random field trips too! :D

First day at Plus63

So I started my first day as an intern with Isai and Mika at Plus63 last Thursday, and it was a lot chill than I had first expected. We first started out with introductions, orientation and some briefing on a few projects the Plus63 team was already working on. We did some research work for a few projects, and the day breezed by pretty quickly; I remember playing Candy Crush and going through Facebook a lot given the light work load. Haha! Everything seemed super chill and I’m loving it so far. Plus everyone’s so friendly I hardly felt shy for a first-day standard!

The afternoon came as a little bit of a surprise for me since Dan thought we all ought to go to Craft Coffee Workshop out of the blue. We took two separate cabs to Broadway and arrived at the two-story coffee shop with a very wood-y and rustic interior (aka very hipster haha) and thought I really had to bring some friends over. The ambience was great, and the coffee even better. When I first tried the latte, I knew it definitely one of those kinds of coffee shops that take ultimate care and precision when preparing every cup. Not the Starbucks kind though, the rawer kind probably. Ugh the coffee was top notch!

Snagged these photos from my Instagram. My latte!

A few shots of the place; the place is small but super home-y and cozy. I wouldn’t mind sitting here all day and studying or reading the afternoon away. Haha!

An actual coffee roaster! It was huge but super cool (as I’ve never seen one in real life).

We eventually got back to Katipunan at around 7 and I headed home after that. Not bad for a first day, I think. :D I missed my second day for a plansem in Batangas with SOH Sanggu, but I’m definitely excited to come back this week and for the rest of April. :)

Anonymous asked: Do you use Photoshop or Illustrator on your recent works?

Photoshop. :) I’m still trying to get around to work on illustrator but have made no progress, haha. :)) Soon!

It’s only been two weeks of summer vacation and I’m bored out of my wits already

I’m doomed

Cucina Andare

Last late February, I was commissioned to illustrate a map for the all-year-round food truck market called Cucina Andare for Chalk Magazine's April issue. It was actually a great experience going to the place itself and trying out the food there with Jan, Sarie (who wrote the article on Cucina Andare for Chalk!) and her girlfriend Carina, and I'd definitely come back to bring my family and friends to try the food out! My personal fave would be Chef Broosy's Sisig Tacos, they're absolutely to die for.

Check out the illustration with details on my Behance portfolio!

This is technically my first ever map illustration, but I waited till the issue came out so I could post it along with the print; and I’m definitely happy to see it in print. :D It gets its own full page in Chalk’s April issue, too!

Proud Chinese girl! :D Go check it out! Buy a copy of Chalk Magazine’s latest issue and flip to pp 84-85 for “Gourmet on Wheels.”